What is A Safety Razor and What You Can Get From It?

What is a safety razor? Maybe, you have this question, when you try to buy razor to shave your hair, beard and other for the first time. However, most of product that you can find on the store is safety razor. So, even though, you don’t know the answer for what is a safety razor question, you still can get the safety razor that you want easily. But, for better understanding, we would like to give you simple explanation about safety razor.

What is a safety razor

First thing that you need to know about what is a safety razor answer is the type. Razor can be classified into two types, the straight razor and safety razor. Straight razor has bigger size and it more looks like knife than razor blade. You may familiar with this type of razor, when you go to barber shop. Or, if you like movie, some of villain use it to slice people throat. So, what is a safety razor? Like its name, its razor with blade placed inside the handle or container, which only exposes small part of blade. It’s different than straight razor that exposed completely. Because of this design, you can safely shave your hair without having skill or worried about it will cut your skin. It was designed to avoid that kind of problem. If you want to know the answer for what is a safety razor, you can find more on many website such as www.gazblogs.com and other.

Next, maybe isn’t related to what is a safety razor question. But, it’s important thing to know. It’s the type of safety razor. There are actually two types of safety razor, which are double edge and cartridge. Double edge is basically a razor blade that was place into the handle. The blade has two sharp sides. On the other hand, cartridge type use cartridge, which is special razor blade that is designed as cartridge. So, you can easily change cartridge, if you feel that the razor blade can’t cut like what you want or lose its sharpness. Maybe, the cartridge type can be considered as the right answer for what is a safety razor question.

Now, you know the answer for what is a safety razor question. In simplest way, safety razor is razor that you can use easily and has higher safety than straight razor. Therefore, this type of razor is recommended for beginner. You don’t need to have good shaving skill. Just move it on the area that you want to shave, and it will shave your hair.

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