4 Products That You Can See As Best Safety Razor for Beginners

Do you want to find best safety razor for beginners? It is important, especially if you just started to use safety razor. Best quality safety razor will give you lot of benefits and eases. So, for that reason, here is some of best safety razor for beginners that you can try.

best safety razor for beginners

Cheaper One

Maybe, the first one that you won’t consider when choosing best safety razor for beginners is the cheap price. Cheap price is equal to low quality product. But, that’s wrong. There is best safety razor for beginners with cheap price, like Dorco PL-602. It uses plastic material, which cost lower than metal material like other product. Of course, the blade they use metal razor. We also choose it as best safety razor for beginners because you can easily adjust it to produce different result.

The Most Durable One

The most durable and best safety razor for beginners also can be considered as cheaper one. It’s indeed more expensive than the standard or cheap product that mentioned above. However, you just need to pay once, and you can use it for very long time. The product that we can put in this category is Merkur Heavy Duty and Edwin Jagger DE8x.

Merkur Heavy Duty is well-known product in classic razor community. You can only get one type of blade. However, it’s very strong and durable, plus it can be used for many functions. So, you won’t change the blade too often. The other product, Edwin Jagger DE8x, has more options you can choose. All of them have best features, and product very satisfying result. That makes it as best safety razor for beginners.

For Those Who Don’t Shave Too Often

For this category, Parker 24C or 26C is the best safety razor for beginners you can choose. It has comb-like feature, which allows you to cut your thick hair. So, it’s good choice, if you don’t shave in everyday basis.

The Adjustable One

Most of beginner won’t mind about the setting of the blade and handle. They just want to shave their hair easily. However, there is Parker Variant product that offers best safety razor for beginners with easy adjustable feature. This product will help you to get best result and feel the amazing function of expert-like shaving tool. And the good thing is you can find all of those products through online store. That makes you easier to buy and get them.

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